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E-currency means electronic currency and is a means of exchange with which you can make and receive payments online.

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No one can guaranttee the safety of e-currencies, they can disspaper anytime. Just buy/keep as much as you need only. E-currencies are used online as means of exchange for goods and services over the internet. Before you can use e-currency, the merchant/beneficiary must accept it. E-currencies are mostly used for Forex, Gambling/games, Investments, ad bookings, hosting/Domain names, etc.

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There are so many e-currencies. To get an account with any, check our Homepage and click on the logo of the e-currency to get an account. Most of them are free.

To Sell Crytocurrency is the leading and most relibale e-currency exchange company where you can buy/sell e-currencies with peace of mind.

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The price fluctuates. Please login to your member area to see the current price. You can buy/sell e-currencies from us either in our office or on our website. To buy/sell on our website, Register for an account, validate your account and login, then click Buy e-currency if you want to BUY or Sell e-currencies if you want to SELL. If you are buying, fill the form correctly, verify the details, submit and then ensure to click 'Alert Admin' either immediatly or after payment. Without Alerting Admin, your account will not be funded!.

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